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It’s past thanksgiving and time to get ready for Christmas. On the set at theDove we decided to go back to having a table for Perry and Steve to sit at and we used decorating for Christmas as the disguise for the set change. It’s a nice big sturdy round table with a beautiful top. We pulled in a live Christmas tree donated by Tim Elbert. And he also gave us several poinsettias. We put up the usual Christmas stuff like ribbons and ornaments and wreaths. And the whole place looks pretty good.

We also needed Christmas graphics for both the Morning Show and Focus Today. Yesterday I reskinned both logos for Christmas.Morning Logo_Christmas 2013 For the Morning Show we are sort of limited in how we change graphics on the TV on the set so the main logo has to be a static image. With that in mind I added some cartoon looking snow flakes behind the logo, added some garlands around the top and sides and a bow in each of the top corners. Classic sort of look but very Christmasy.

For Focus Today we don’t change the graphics on the TV during the show so we are able to use a video loop. With that in mind I used the motion background we used for Focus Today and added some gentle snow fall over it. I used some animated snow that someone was giving away free online and just used a screen key to get rid of the black background. Then I took the regular Focus Today logo and added a Santa hat. I figured it would be festive. I added a little bit of a vignette around the sides to make it easier to see the snow and looped it into a video. Both logos came together pretty quickly and looked very good on our set.

[thb_video url=””]

I was planning on making some motion graphics with an alpha channel to overlay on a tracking wide shot on the way to breaks, but I ran out of time today working on day to day stuff at the station. Hopefully I’ll be able to start on those tomorrow. I’ve never used a video overlay on the tricaster but I know it’s technically possible. I’ll get it worked out.


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