Following a Dream

Following a Dream

I’ve decided that I want to make TV. I’ve known this for a while. I work at theDove TV and make TV everyday, but I want to do more. I have a bunch of ideas for shows that I’d like to produce and really want to start making them. I have two jobs and not a lot of free time. My wife wants me to spend that free time with her and our son. And I like that too. So I don’t really have a lot of extra time, but then again who does? Well, I know two people who do. Sort of.

I say sort of because I’m sure neither one of them have very much more extra time than me and one of them I only sort of know. The first one has the same dream as I do (I’m pretty sure) to make TV. He’s the producer and star of a show we play on theDove, Jovis Bon Hovis and the Creation Crew. It’s a low budget kids puppet show and with sock puppets and hand painted sets. It’s not Sesame Street and it’s not Veggie Tales. But it’s good. I’m friends with Joseph, the guy making this show, on Facebook but I’ve never really met him. I don’t know what Joseph does for a living or how long he’s been working on making Jovis into a show, but he is doing it.

And that’s my favorite part of that show, it’s being made. Joseph is following his dream and making a TV show. He’s working hard and with almost no budget to get it done because that’s what he wants to do.

The other person I wanted to talk about is really a friend of mine in real life. I work with Dannal at theDove. Making TV isn’t Dannal’s dream like it is mine and Joseph’s. He wants to be an author. Since I’ve known him he has talked about how he wants to write books for older kids. He’s told me about several different stories he has and how he’s been trying on and off for years to get published.

Recently Dannal told me how he’s going to start writing and publishing short stories on kindle. He’s going to publish two a month and he already has a few written. He has someone making cover art for him and he’s having someone edit them for him.

I’m really impressed by Dannal. Actually I’m a little jealous. Not because he’s writing books but because he’s following his dream. He has a full time job and a wife and kids and he’s making time to follow his dream to write. And it’s the same with Joseph. I want to make TV the same way he is, but I’m not jealous of him for making TV, I’m jealous because he’s following his dream and making it work.

I want to do the things I have in my head but I always make excuses of why I can’t. I actually sat down with someone that I had an idea about a TV show for. I pitched the idea to him and he seemed to be interested in it, but not completely sold. I’m sort of waiting for him to get back to me about it but I’m not pursuing it at all. There’s no reason I couldn’t start working on another project while I’m waiting but I haven’t. And not for any reason besides I just don’t. I want to follow my dream the way Joseph and Dannal are but I’m not. It’s not like I really don’t have enough time. I just need to start. I’m not sure what the conclusion of this post is. I’m not sure sure if writing this has even helped me with anything or if it has any significance for anyone else. I wish I could tell you I’m starting work on a cool TV show that I want to make but I’m not.

It’s really sort of a depressing way to end I guess.


Josiah Douglas isn't a super smart guy (even though he has a bachelor's degree), and he doesn't know a lot about God (his degree is in theology), but he does think a lot and sometimes he writes those things down so that you can read them too!

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