Ski Report Intro Video

The message came down that we were going to start doing a ski report on the Morning Show. There was no plans on how to do it, just that Jerry would host it. Jerry doesn’t come into the office until after the show is over so it would be rolled in as a VT.

There was no set start time for it so I had some time to think about it. After a day or two I suddenly had the idea of making an intro video for it with Jerry skiing down a cartoon mountain with a cartoon body and an oversized head thanks bobbles back and forth. So I started on that.

I found a free skier clip art and removed his head in photoshop and grabbed a picture of Jerry and removed his head as well. In after effects I assembled the head to the body and animated it back and forth. I then made a simple mountain scene and then added a camera and set it to track in. Then all I had to do was animate Jerry down the mountain. Getting it to look natural as he came over the top of the hills was the hardest part, but it just needed a little rotation as he came over to make it look right. In the end it looks pretty cool.

It took a few days to put it together, but that’s with doing all the other day to day stuff I have to do so all together it probably took less than 8 hours to make. It still needs some music and of course all the graphics for the body of the report, but it’s a pretty nice intro and exit video for a VT.

Take a look!


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