Afternoon Drive with Jerry Promo

Afternoon Drive with Jerry Promo

Several weeks ago (maybe a few months?) the word came down that we needed to do a TV promo for Jerry’s afternoon radio program. This last week Dannal said that it finally needed to get done and put me in charge of making it.

Usually when it comes to something like this we come up with a script, have someone record the audio then get some B-roll to overlay on it. This is a completely legitimate way of producing a spot, but it seems like we’ve overused that method a little at theDove. So with the idea in mind that I wouldn’t go that route I came up with an idea and brought it to Jerry and he loved the idea (of course Jerry seems to love every idea bought to him whether or not he likes it). So within a day it was shot and ready for be edited.

The problem was that the next couple days I was busier than usual and I had less time than I thought to edit it. I ended up getting it done Friday afternoon after Dannal had left and just before I got off work. But at least Jerry was around to see it and he liked it (again Jerry likes everything).

Anyway here is its final version! Tell me what you think!


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