I Want to Blog!

I Want to Blog!

A few days ago I posted something on my blog that people seemed to really like. My post Thanking God, was shared by a few people on Facebook and each share got a ton of likes and comments. The day I posted it, my website got 110 views and the next day I got another 56 (these are big numbers for me. The next best day was only 46.).

So I’m writing this for two reasons,

1) Go read that blog post! It’s awesome, apparently

2) I’m plumb out of good stuff to write about

I want to write more good stuff that people will want to read and share, but I can’t think of anything!


Josiah Douglas isn't a super smart guy (even though he has a bachelor's degree), and he doesn't know a lot about God (his degree is in theology), but he does think a lot and sometimes he writes those things down so that you can read them too!

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