Consistently Mediocre
Just like a coffee shot can range from really good to really bad, our Christian lives range from really good to really bad. Our walk with Christ should, just like coffee, be consistently mediocre.

Consistently Mediocre

Consistently Mediocre

If you’ve ever spent some time around me, you’ve probably heard me use the phase “Consistently Mediocre.” I use it to describe Starbucks.

There’s a lot of reasons to hate Starbucks. Maybe some of these are reason enough to boycott Starbucks all together.

  • Starbucks supports gay marriage
  • Starbucks uses GMO foods
  • Starbucks is destroying local coffee shops with their big business agenda
  • Starbucks uses milk from factories
  • Only 8.4% of Starbucks coffee purchases are actually fair trade
  • The mermaid in the Starbuck logo isn’t wearing a shirt and is only covering herself with her hair

But there are only two reasons I don’t like Starbucks

  • Their prices are too high
  • They don’t pull their own shots

Seriously! The machine does all the work! They push a button and coffee comes out! And for some reason they still have the audacity to call their workers baristas! It’s shameful!

But the reason they don’t have their baristas do any of the real work that goes into pulling a shot is simple. And if you ask me, it’s actually a pretty smart move on their part. No matter what Starbucks you go to, anywhere in the world, it tastes exactly the same.

If you’ve ever worked in a coffee shop, then you know that a shot can vary quite dramatically from barista to barista. It can even vary quite a bit from shot to shot. Pulling shots isn’t a science, it’s an artistic craft.

There’s a coffee place around here that I really like. Dutch Bros. is pretty good, there’s a lot of them around where I live, but mostly I like them because they’re relatively cheap. If you’ve ever been to Dutch Bros., you probably know as well as I do that sometimes their coffee isn’t the best. You might go there and have a better coffee than you’ll ever get at Starbucks, but you might also go there and get one that tastes a little off. Mostly it’s a good experience, but sometimes it’s less than ideal.

That’s why Starbucks uses machines to take all of the variation out of pulling shots. So that they’ll be consistent. You won’t ever get such an amazing drink from Starbucks that you wake up in the middle of the night thinking of it, but you also won’t have any that just aren’t good. Starbuck is consistently mediocre.

As Christians, we should all strive to be just like Starbucks.

Wait, what?

That’s right. We need to strive to be consistently mediocre.

It’s easy as a Christian to fall into the pattern of going to a conference, getting super excited about God, reading the Bible everyday and praying for hours on end, then lose the excitement and go back to not doing anything for God. We spend most of our year not thinking about God except when we go to church, then spend three weeks after youth camp reading the Bible, praying and evangelizing so much that we get burned out on it.

I’ve done it. I’m sure a lot of people have. It’s easy to do.

The people who really do something great for God are the people who are consistently mediocre. They wake up everyday, read some of the Bible, pray a little bit, do a little bit of change in how they live their lives, then go on to the next day. These are the people who do great things for God. The people who go crazy for God one week, then forget it all the next don’t ever get anything done.

So here’s your (and mine) consistently mediocre checklist;

  • Read the Bible everyday. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just something.
  • Pray everyday. Again, it only has to be for a few minutes, just make sure you’re doing it and you’re really talking to God.
  • Get a little better everyday. Figure out what little thing God wants to change about you everyday and work on changing it. It’s usually just a small attitude or habit. Easy things. And these ones may take more time to do, so feel free to work on them for more than one day each.

If you do this everyday, you allow God to do something really amazing with your life. God can’t do something great with someone who only serves Him for a couple weeks. God uses people who are consistently mediocre.


Josiah Douglas isn't a super smart guy (even though he has a bachelor's degree), and he doesn't know a lot about God (his degree is in theology), but he does think a lot and sometimes he writes those things down so that you can read them too!

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