God Ideas
God communicates to people in different ways. One of the ways He talks to us is though ideas.

God Ideas

God Ideas

Lately, whenever I have an idea for a post, I’ll write a title as a reminder and save the draft and come back when I have time to write the post. A couple weeks ago I had an idea to write one about the good ideas about making money that I’ve been having. I called it God Ideas.

I haven’t had much inspiration to write about it since then, so the blank post has sat here for a while now.

Yesterday I had a thought. It was a thought that someone had given me several years ago, and something my wife and I have talked about a few times. Basically, instead of giving a fixed amount ($10, $20, $50) to a ministry or charity, give to them based on a percentage of your income (10%, 20%, 50%). The idea is that you give them more and more when you make more money. This gives God an incentive to bless you with more and it’s a better way to bless others.

Lydia and I were driving home and suddenly it hit me, I didn’t just have that idea again yesterday, God told me to do it.

I felt like an idiot. Why didn’t I realize that an idea I had at a prayer service came from God and I should do it? Duh!

I told Lydia about it and how stupid I felt. Then she told me that she thinks that God has been talking to me though ideas.

God ideas! That’s the post I wanted to write! The idea for the post wasn’t about some specific ideas about how to make extra money, it was about how God communicates to me!

I think God talks to me though ideas. At least He has lately.

God talks to people differently. Some people hear God though a voice. Some people read things in the Bible and it seems to be talking straight to them. Some people say things out loud to someone else, and realize that it’s actually God speaking to them. And apparently God speaks to some people though ideas.

I have a very creative mind, so it makes sense that God would tells me things and shows me things though ideas.

I wrote a post about being planted in a church and used what I thought was a funny illustration about trees in it. Later on I was talking to my wife and all of a sudden I realized that the tree illustrations I used in the post described the different types of people that are planted in a church. That was a God idea.

I was driving home and was looking at the names at the bottoms of billboards to see who owns which billboards. Suddenly I realized that a billboard is a way to make money without any real work. It’s something that can support my family and I if God tells use to spend more time volunteering at church or even if He tells us to move to another country. That was a God idea.

God gave me the idea to redesign my website and put advertisements on it so that we can draw an income from something that my wife and I are already doing.

These little ideas aren’t just coming from me, they’re coming directly from God. I think that most of the posts that I write are ideas I get from God. Heck, the the realization that God talks to me though ideas was a God idea.

Living without direction from God is scary, but it can be just as scary to be getting direction from God and not realizing it. It’s awesome to realize that God has been talking to me, just in a different way than He used to.

How does God talk to you? Do you hear a voice? Have an idea? Does he speak though your own mouth? Do you know? If God doesn’t talk to you, then you’re in a bad place, but if you’re like me maybe God has been talking to you this whole time and you don’t even know it.


Josiah Douglas isn't a super smart guy (even though he has a bachelor's degree), and he doesn't know a lot about God (his degree is in theology), but he does think a lot and sometimes he writes those things down so that you can read them too!

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