We Don’t Pay For Food

We Don’t Pay For Food

As we were eating dinner, Lydia said, “We didn’t pay for any of this food.” I looked down at pan fried pork chops, green beans and a slice of buttered sour dough toast (funny story about why the toast was there. You can ask about it if you want to know).

I don’t make a lot of money. Lydia stays home with the kids. Stanley is two. We budget pretty well, but for the most part, God really takes care of us.

I wrote a post about being a giver and a post about being thankful. The one about thankfulness talked about how Lydia and I drove around one night for a couple hours doing nothing but thanking God for what He’s done for us. Before that night, God had been faithful to take care of us, but since then it seems like we don’t pay anywhere near what we should be. We don’t coupon. We don’t stumble upon excellent deals. We just seem to eat for free a lot.

Lydia’s parents own a restaurant, The Teapot on Wheels. Every time we go there, they make us some food to eat. Usually they tell us to just order and they don’t ever give us a bill. But a lot of times we go there when they’re closed because we don’t want to be moochers and we just want to hang out. They make us food anyway.

One day when we didn’t really have a lot of money, someone in our church was opening up a second location for their restaurant. We stopped by, but they weren’t open because of some difficulties they were having. We chatted for a little while and said we’d come back the next day. The owner gave us a bottle of soda. The next day we came back for his real first day opened and he just gave us our food for free. He didn’t know that we couldn’t really afford the food that day and we had only come to bless him with his new business. Instead he blessed us.

About a year ago now, Lydia was talking to someone in our church. They were raising a pig to butcher. Somehow the conversation ended with that person deciding they would give us half of the pig. Several months later they didn’t just give us the half of a pig, they gave us a freezer to store it in too.

The last time we were at the grocery store, Lydia wanted to get farm fresh eggs. We don’t make a lot of money (see above) so I told her that I’d rather get the cheaper eggs. We decided that we could get farm fresh eggs from someone locally for a little more than the cheap store eggs, but a lot less than the farm fresh eggs in the store. Two days later, before we could stop somewhere to buy eggs, someone at church gave us 18 eggs from their chickens.

A few months ago I was talking to my pastor at a party at his house. After a couple minutes he recommended demanded that Lydia and I start going to the food pantry at our church. We’ve gone a few times and it’s extended our food budget further than we ever expected.

There’s been more than this, and God has taken care of us in other ways besides just free food. But I truly believe that the only reason any of this has happened is because of our thankfulness towards God, and our willingness to give more than we can afford to give.

“We didn’t pay for any of this food.” I looked down at pan fried pork chops, green beans and a slice of buttered sour dough toast. The pork chops were from that half a pig, the green beans and toast came from the food pantry, the oil that the pork chops were fried in was given to us by our neighbor, and some of the spices on the pork chops were a free sample. We paid for the salt, flour and a couple spices.


Josiah Douglas isn't a super smart guy (even though he has a bachelor's degree), and he doesn't know a lot about God (his degree is in theology), but he does think a lot and sometimes he writes those things down so that you can read them too!

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  1. God is good! He has always taken care of my family.

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