Writer’s Block: A Survival Guide

Writer’s Block: A Survival Guide

Writer's Block: A Survival Guide

So, you’re full of words that you want to write out. You started a blog (or book or whatever) and wrote some stuff out. Every time you write something, people like it. You got yourself on a schedule and now’s the time to write out the next post (or chapter, I don’t know your deal), but you’re suddenly out of words.

You start to type, but nothing comes out. You’ve had great ideas all week, but can’t remember any of them. Usually it flows but lately you’re dry as a rock. You try to clear your head, but it doesn’t work. So you give up and turn on the TV, but the only thing on is Martha Speaks.

You’ve got writer’s block. What should you do?

Here’s some simple things to do that might help you out.

  • Go take a break (going for a quick walk is good)
  • Drink some coffee
  • Go read a book. It might spark some ideas, or maybe you can just get a good book review out of it. (Here’s a good one to read)
  • Go play with your kids for a few minutes (Don’t have kids? Someone does. Go borrow some.)
  • Start writing down your ideas when you have them. You know you’re supposed to, just do it for once.
  • Be a little less strict with your timelines. If you always have a post on Monday, maybe wait until Tuesday this week. (Unless the timeline is set by someone who’s paying you. Stick to the timeline if someone’s paying you.)
  • Pray for some inspiration
  • Speak in tongues
  • Drink another coffee (two is better than one)
  • Write something. Anything. It doesn’t have to be for your blog (or book or whatever). It’s probably better if it’s something that you write just for you. If there’s no pressure and no reason, it’ll come easier. It’ll probably spark an idea that you can use for your blog (or book or whatever).

If you try these tips when you have writer’s block, you might find yourself freed up to get writing again. But then again, how would I know. I’m pretty much just making all this up as I go.


Josiah Douglas isn't a super smart guy (even though he has a bachelor's degree), and he doesn't know a lot about God (his degree is in theology), but he does think a lot and sometimes he writes those things down so that you can read them too!

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  1. By George, I think you got it! That is a list of fun ways to get rid of writers block 🙂

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