I’m Josiah Douglas and I’m the owner of josiahdouglas.com

I’ve owned josiahdouglas.com for several years, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve decided to use it the way you see it now.

After high school I attended Siskiyou Bible College (now Zoe Bible College) and the Armor Bearer internship (now Zoe Interns). I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theology.  It was here that I realized that I had a talent for graphics and video.

After college I took an internship and later a job at theDove TV. I realized that I had the temperament for TV and decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life.

It was around this time that I bought josiahdouglas.com

I used this website as a portfolio to try and get some side jobs as extra income. It didn’t work.

Every couple years I would redesign and update my website as a portfolio. But a little while ago I decided to write a couple blog posts about myself. Then one about something that has bothered me about Christians for a while.

Suddenly I found myself writing four or five blog posts a week about God and being a Christian. But the front page of my website was still a portfolio.

After some discussion with my wife, we decided that I wanted to write about being a Christian and about God more than I needed a portfolio. So the new josiahdouglas.com was born!

Now when you look around you’ll find posts about God, Theology, Christian Worldview and the fundamentals of Christianity. Check back because there’s new stuff all the time! You can even sign up to get emails every time I post something new!

Thanks for coming to my website and supporting my decision to show off my love for God instead of some junk I’ve made!

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