Here's Something Amazing!

Here’s something amazing!

Before there was anything, God spoke and created the whole universe. He spoke again and created the world. Then, using the most creative power ever seen, He created man from the dirt, and woman from the man’s rib. The first people on earth were created directly by the hand of God. These two people lived in paradise until the day they disobeyed God. From that day on, the whole earth was filled with evil and sin and God could no longer be with His creation. Everyone who has been born since, including you and me, is sinful and cannot be made clean on our own. Because of that sin, we must all die and be eternally separated from God.

Here’s something amazing!

Thousands of years later, even though the world was full of sin and evil, God came back into our world, but hardly anyone knew. He was born as a regular little baby. He didn’t look special, but He was.

Here’s something amazing!

Jesus, the little baby, grew into a man. Even though everybody who had ever been born before had sinned, Jesus never did. He lived a perfect, sinless life. Since He was God Himself, He was able to do things that no one else could. He healed the blind and the crippled, He commanded the wind and the waves to be calm, and he even raised the dead.

Here’s something amazing!

Jesus, even though He never sinned, was put to death like a criminal. He was beaten and nailed through His hands and feet to a big cross. He hung there, naked until He died.

Here’s something amazing!

When Jesus died on the cross, He didn’t just suffer His own death. When He died, He died so that everyone who ever lived, including you and me, wouldn’t have to pay the price for their sins. Jesus had never sinned in His life, but He took all of the sins of the world, suffered and died bearing those sins so that you and I don’t have to. He died the death that each one of us deserves, but since He already did it, we don’t have to.

Here’s Something Even More Amazing!

Jesus didn’t just die for our sins, He did something even more amazing, He raised Himself from the dead! Three days after being killed, Jesus rose from the dead. He walked, talked and ate with His friends. After forty days, Jesus with lots of people watching, said His final words and floated into the sky. He’s now in heaven sitting on a thrown, ruling over the world and waiting for the day that we will be joined to Him.

Here’s the Most Amazing Thing of All!

Even though you and I are sinners from birth and shouldn’t be allowed to go to heaven and be in God’s presence, Jesus made a way for our sins to be cleaned and paid for. The only thing we have to do is ask. Jesus’ death and the salvation it brings is a free gift that is given to anyone who wants it, but you won’t ever have it unless you ask God to give it to you. If you want this salvation, the salvation that cleans you of all of your sins and makes a way for you to go to heaven when you die, then pray this little prayer.

Dear Father,
Thank you for sending your son, Jesus to make a way for my sins to be forgiven. I pray that you will give me that salvation and clean me of all my sins.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

After praying that prayer, you probably don’t feel any different, but you are. You are now a new creation in Christ. All of your sins have been paid for and you can spend eternity with God.

It’s important that praying this prayer isn’t the only thing you do. Please send me a message using the form below so that I can celebrate with you and help you with your new journey in Christ!

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