Love Like Jesus Loved

Author's Note: While looking through some old things, I found this post I had written almost a year ago, but never published. I know why I didn't share this post,…

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Happy Birthday Josiah

Today is my birthday. Today I'm 27. There's something that God has been impressing on my heart lately. It's something I've written about before, but I want to talk about…

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Giving And Charity

If you go to church, you'll hear a lot of about sowing and reaping and how you should give to the church and to charities. But what you don't hear…

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The Pregnancy Center

This is something that my wife posted on Facebook. I've been thinking a lot lately about pro choice vs. Pro-life. I'm pro-life. But I don't want to just tell women…

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I Want to be a Giver

A long time ago, long long long (long) time ago, I was sitting in a church service and my pastor was talking about giving. I prayed a silent prayer that…

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