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After months of researching, writing, procrastinating, editing, procrastinating, more editing, and procrastinating, I have written a book! That’s right, Josiah Douglas has written a book!


Christ’s Plan for His Church

In the book of Acts, Christ’s church was in unity. The church met in different places, spoke different languages, but they were united in theology and their love for one another. Fast forward to today, the Christian church is broken into factions that hardly even speak to one another. The world sees us a different religions instead of the same church in different buildings. We have fallen apart.

Along with some history of how the church has gotten to where it is, this book describes why we as Christians should work towards unity within the church and how we can do so.

You can get your copy of United: Christ’s Plan for His Church one of two ways:

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Looking for a high resolution image of the cover? Click here.

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